Override (Voyager Circulation Module)

The Voyager Circulation Module is used for status tracking in several YUL units. As an item moves from one unit to the next, it is charged to the receiving unit's pseudopatron status. When charging an item on Voyager Circulation, most Technical Services workstations require the user to respond to one or two window prompts before the charge is completed. For example, an item wanded to SML Preparations from an SML Catalog Dept. workstation generally will display the following window:

The Override button must be clicked (or one can press ENTER) to get past this Item Blocks window. Often a 2nd Item Blocks window will follow:

Again, the Override button must be clicked (or ENTER pressed) in order to complete the charge:

Thus, a change in status charge can require one or two extra clicks. Not much of a problem when restricted to one or two items, but significant when a shelf's or truckload's worth of books needs to be charged.

The override macro will do all of your clicking automatically:

1. From the Voyager Circulation module, open the Charge window (click on the Charge icon on the toolbar) and wand or type in the pseudopatron code. (There is a macro that can do all of this as well, but we'll deal with that at some other time.)

2. Press F1. (Note that the current default hot-key for the Override macro is no longer F12, which was the hotkey used in earlier versions.)

3. An icon of a running figure will replace the Macro Express icon in the program tray:



3. Click in the  Item Barcode slot and wand the item's barcode. The macro will override the Item Blocks and Information window(s), charge the item, and position the cursor in the Item Barcode slot for the next item barcode to be wanded.

The current default on the Override macro will allow up to 100 charges. If the maximum number of charges is attained, simply press F1 again. Your Expert User can re-set the macro to a higher maximum number if considered necessary.

4. CAUTION: As long as the Override macro is "on" (i.e., the running figure icon is in the tray), you will not be able to run any other macro (in any Voyager module). To turn off the macro, use your mouse to place the cursor on the running figure icon and right click. The following window will appear:

Click OK and you will be able to resume using other macros.

If you forget to abort, the Override macro has been set to close automatically in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. If you see the following window,

Click OK. The macro "Override" has been aborted dialogue box will appear; click OK again. You can now continue using Macro Express!

PS: The Override macro also works if you have to do multiple discharges:

1. Click the Discharge icon on the toolbar.

2. Press F1

3. Wand barcode of item to be discharged. The macro will click through any Item Blocks and Information window that appears and complete the discharge.