Other distinguishing characteristics of a work or expression (MARC 381)

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Note: this page was created with music cataloging in mind.

Use in conjunction with Recording other distinguishing characteristic of the expression of musicals work (RDA 6.18)

See also 380: Form of work | 382: Medium of performance | 383: Numeric designation of musical work | 384: Key
Sources: LC MARC 21 format for bibliographic date and authority data and DCM Z1

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In bibliographic and authority records: Any characteristic that is not accommodated in a special field that serves to characterize a work or expression.
     ° Examples for music are: arranged statement of music or version.
     ° May be used to differentiate a work from another work with the same title.


1st blank
2nd blank


‡a Form of work: a term expressing the class or genre of the work.
     ° Multiple characteristics from the same source vocabulary may be recorded in the same field in separate occurrences of subfield ‡a.
     ° Terms from different source vocabularies are recorded in separate occurrences of the field.
‡v Source of information


381 __ arranged
381 __ unaccompanied
381 __ Selections
381 __ Selections ‡a arranged
381 __ Vocal score
381 __ Hermann [last name of arranger]
381 __ Lindsay [last name of translator]