Rules for Marking Serials

Single volumes: mark by volume n​umber standing alone. Transcribe part captions following MFHD usage. Transcribe chronology below enumeration following MFHD usage. Bd.1
Volumes issued in parts  
Part number follows volume number v.1:pt.3
If parts are subdivided, a series of colons separates the parts v.1:pt.3:no.2
When volume is complete and parts are bound together, the volume is marked with the volume number only, NOT with volume number and parts; i.e., 1 NOT 1:1-3

Please note: When parts of volumes are analyzed, the call number in the analytic record holdings should indicate only the vol. number (NOT vol. & part) unless parts are to be bound separately. If several vols. are bound together, call no. of the analytic should indicate only the vol. of which it is a part. NOTE: to be consistent with new marking procedures, if a caption is used with enumeration, include the caption in 852 of the analytic call number; however, do not include chronological data recorded in MFHD parentheses. Example: 852 01 b sml h DS233 i K54 Bd.3 <NOT: Bd.3 2004>

2 or more volumes issued together with one title page, or 2 or more volumes issued separately and bound together by Yale. Transcribe part caption only at the beginning of the range. Bd.1-2
Serials issued in series:
1st series: mark by volume number alone v.1
2d series: series number is given in Roman numerals, followed by a period and  the number of the volume. new_ser.II.t.1
3d and later series: same new_ser.III.t.1
Serials having both volume numbering and a whole numbering: if pieces are marked separately. v.6=no.104

Please note: For publications complete in one physical volume, volume number is omitted from the call number. This could be one that ceased with volume 1 or one for which several volumes were issued and bound in 1 volume.

Volume covering one calendar year; e.g., 2003 2003
Volume covering parts of two years; e.g., July 2003-June 2004 2003/04
Volume covering two complete years; e.g., 2003 and 2004, issued with one title page, or 2 volumes, each covering a complete year, e.g., one covering 2003 and
one covering 2004, bound together by Yale
Volume covering 2 split years, e.g., 2002/03 and 2003/04, issued with one title page, or 2 volumes each covering a split year, e.g., one covering 2002/03 and one 2003/04, bound together by Yale 2002-04
Volume designation is by year, with recurring part numbers no.1-4. Yale volume is bound in 2 physical parts. 2003:no.1-2 2003:no.3-4
Volume designation is by year, part designation is by month and day. Set is incomplete and individual issue needs to be marked. For part designation, follow MFHD usage. 2003:Aug.26-Sept.1
SOURCE: Catalog Dept. Manual, 1977. Rev.
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