Numismatics Materials Workflow

New acquisitions for the Numismatics Collection will be received, cataloged, and physically prepared for transfer to LSF for storage and circulation. This document defines and describes the workflow of this transfer process with regard to the main tasks that each of the SML departments handles for the Numismatics Collection. Except for the titles specifically acquired for a different collection, materials classed in CJ in the curatorial collections automatically go to the Numismatics Collection.

New Location Code SMLNUM

In order to facilitate the processing of newly acquired materials for the Numismatics Collection and differentiate them from those currently housed in Mudd, a new virtual location code smlnum has been created and will be used for the transfer of all new Numismatics titles to LSF. This location code in the transferred items will be flipped to lsfnum in an automated process before the physical items are accessioned by the staff at LSF.

Acquisitions Staff

  • Receives the new titles in Orbis using the location code SMLNUM
  • Inserts an LSF flag in the book received
  • Fast catalogs the book if LC copy is readily available
  • Otherwise, sends the book to Copy Cataloging Team for cataloging

Cataloging Staff

  • Treats the new numismatics materials the same way as handling other new books going to LSF
  • Copy Cataloging Team triages and completes the cataloging if a member copy is available
  • Original Catalog Team completes the cataloging if no member copy is available

Preparations Staff

  • Follows the same routine for other new LSF books
  • Places the security tape in the books
  • Sends the processed books to the LSF processing unit of Access Services

Access Services Staff

  • Changes the item type to LSFC on each book processed
  • Arranges to ship the completed books to LSF for accession
  • Receives and handles the user’s request on a book being transferred to LSF

New Numismatics Materials Received at the Curatorial Collections

New titles received in a CJ call number at a curatorial collection should follow the same or similar transfer procedures as stated above. 

Effective Date: 
July 6, 2009