YUL Policy for E-variant record links in MARC


As part of the digitization workflow, a separate Provider-Neutral bibliographic MARC record will be created (or updated) to represent all electronic versions of a resource, facilitating inclusion of our digitized content in a wide variety of national and international access and discovery systems and/or the Yale DCS. See linked documents below.  For a complete overview of the topic, including details for how the e-Variant MARC records must be formatted, see the e-Variant Records Task Forces’s Final Report



A single-bibliographic-record approach may be used for materials cataloged following Rare Books & Manuscripts (RBMS) or manuscripts and archival standards (DACS, APPM, and AMREMM, etc.) so that unique features of the item are recorded once. This single-record approach consists of a holdings record for each physical copy with the appropriate, copy-specific notes, and an added e-Holdings record (suppressed) for each digital manifestation. This approach is intended for use of unique special collections materials such as those with copy-specific notes where the Provider-Neutral Approach is deemed less desirable. See instructions below.


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