Library Committees

Acquisitions Services Group

Reports To: Marty Kurth

Committee Charge:

The Acquisitions Services Group (ASG) is charged with establishing policies, procedures, and best practices for the range of activities associated with the acquisitions of library collections materials for the Yale University Library (YUL), including various vendor models, systems reports, the use of Voyager, and other operational functions.

  • Develop efficient processes that comply with Yale University’s polices on Business and Financial Administration and University Auditing standards
  • Work collaboratively with partners in Library IT and the Business Office to ensure payments are accurate, timely, and consistent with University best practices
  • Provide documentation and training (where desirable) to libraries across the library system to ensure best practices are followed consistently
  • Communicate with YUL units in a timely fashion any changes in policies or changes in systems functionality
  • Provide a forum in which changes and enhancements can be discussed to improve operations

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly    

Term of Service: Not fixed

Committee Member:    
Kurth, Marty Sponsor
Napert, Diane Co-Chair 
Sidman, Angela Co-Chair
Barnett, Lindsay
Bartlett, Helen
Cordes, Ellen
Fagan, Pauline
Fernandez, Michael
González Palacios, Mar 
Jascha, Jill
Linden, Julie
Merriman, Kevin
Mooring, Robin
Norton, Melanie
Richie, Richard ริชาร์ด ริชชี่
Robinson, Lynette Minutes
Serrano, Amauri
Smith, Steelsen
Thurston, Patricia
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