Library Committees

Access Steering Committee

Reports To: Daniel Dollar

Committee Charge:

One of the most important services that Yale University Library offers to our users is to make available the resources they need to advance their research and inquiry. Embracing a unified “one library” vision, the 15 libraries that comprise Yale University Library are aligning services across locations to provide a service profile that reduces confusion and increases satisfaction with our policies. The Access Steering Committee exists to align policies and programs across YUL facilities. While acknowledging our unique constituencies, access services units endeavor to act interdependently to evaluate changes to existing services and policies, as well as to develop new ones. The chair and individual units will bring service enhancements to the group for consideration for approval and information sharing, creating a strong web of connection across library departments and other research libraries.  

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Eligibility:  Librarians are appointed by their Directors as representatives of each listed library.

    Committee Members: 

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