Library Committees

Collection Steering Committee

Reports To: Daniel Dollar

Committee Charge: The Collection Steering Committee (CSC) is an advisory group charged to provide guidance and decision support to the Director of Collection Development and senior library managers regarding all aspects of collection development involving central collection funds for the Yale University Library. The charge includes: · Budget planning and fund management · Collection development policies and procedures · Fund allocations · Funding recommendations on significant multiple disciplinary resources (e.g. decisions involving package agreements or ePool -- centrally funded electronic resources) · Charging task forces to carry out collection development-related projects · Promoting dialogue about relevant collection development topics among library staff

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Member selection method: Appointed by director of collection development

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Member:    
Dollar, Daniel Sponsor
Linden, Julie Chair, Contact
Fagan, Pauline
Gallagher, D. John
Gendron, Heather
Kurth, Marty
McTyre, Ruthann
Merriman, Kevin
Nascimento, Elisa         notetaker, Feb. 2021-Jan. 2022
Napert, Diane
Rossman, Jae
Serrano, Amauri
Sidman, Angela
Townsend, Allen
Tudesco, Sarah
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