Library Committees

Collection Steering Committee

Reports To: Daniel Dollar

Committee Charge: The Collection Steering Committee (CSC) is an advisory group charged to provide guidance and decision support to the Director of Collection Development and senior library managers regarding all aspects of collection development involving central collection funds for the Yale University Library.

The charge includes:

  • Budget planning and fund management
  • Collection development policies and procedures
  • Fund allocations 
  • May charge task forces to carry out collection development-related projects
  • Promotes dialogue about relevant collection development topics among library staff 
  • Oversees and may delegate work to the Collection Development Subcommittee

Frequency of Meetings: Twice per month

Membership: Appointed by AUL for Scholarly Resources and Director of Collection Development. Membership is tied to position responsibilities.

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Member: Title and Department
Dollar, Daniel Sponsor, Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources
Linden, Julie Chair, Contact; Director of Collection Development
Di Monte, Lauren Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning
Fogel, Angela Associate Director of Finance and Administration
Gallagher, D. John Director of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Gendron, Heather Director, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library
Kunst, Konstanze Notetaker, May 2023-April 2024; Joseph and Ceil Mazer Librarian for Judaic Studies
Kurth, Marty Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
McCarthy, Christine Director of Preservation and Conservation Services
McTyre, Ruthann Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Director, Gilmore Music Library
Merriman, Kevin Director of Collection Management, Access & Technical Services, and Technology, Marx Library
Napert, Diane Director of Monographic Processing Services
Richie, Rich Interim Director, Department of Area Studies and Humanities Research Support
Serrano, Amauri Central Collection Development Librarian
Sidman, Angela Director, E-Resources and Serials Management
Tudesco, Sarah Program Director, Assessment and User Experience Research
Webb, Katy Director of Yale Library Access Services and Bass Library
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