Library Committees

E-Resource Discovery and Access Advisory Group

Reports To:

  • Lauren Di Monte & Marty Kurth (sponsors)

Committee Charge: The E-Resource Discovery Advisory Group is charged with setting best practices, identifying areas for development or enhancement, and advising on the roll-out of new services across e-resource discovery and access points. The Advisory Group will act on behalf of all e-resource discovery and access stakeholders by defining and prioritizing the ongoing development, configuration, integration, and support of e-resource discovery and access systems. 

Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Members:    
Bazeley, Jennifer 2019- , Co-chair
Smith, Steelsen 2017- , Co-chair
Barnett, Lindsay 2018-
Kessenides, James 2018-
Shimp, Andrew 2014-
Sider, Laura 2014-
Kurth, Marty Co-sponsor
Di Monte, Lauren Co-sponsor
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