Library Committees

ILLiad User Group

Reports To: Daniel Dollar

Committee Charge:

The IUG is incorporated to meet the needs of ILLiad users and maintainers across Yale Library through the following functions:

  • Serve as the primary body of ILLiad Expertise within Yale Library
    • In coordination with ASC, develop, document, and maintain best practices and training documentation pertaining to   resource sharing services
    • Serve as a community of practice and forum for questions about ILLiad and resource sharing processes and procedures
  • Coordinate and collaborate with ASC on policy changes, service enhancements, and procedural changes to ILLiad, supporting applications, and resource sharing services as a whole
    • Execute testing related to upgrades, development, or other changes
    • Review and apply ASC determined policies that relate to resource sharing processing, request clarification from ASC when needed
    • Identify when policies are problematic and suggest consensus-based changes to ASC
    • Identify when new policies are needed and make consensus-based suggestions to ASC

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Eligibility:  Librarians are appointed by their Directors as representatives of each listed library.

Committee Members: 

Julian Aiken
Marybeth Bean
Kraig Binkowski
Frank Boateng
Jessica Bower
Lauren Brown
Maryellen Budney
Gary Burcheski
Alison Burke
Laura Callery
Ian Cassell, Chair 2021-2022
Roselyn Cruz
Vasean Daniels
Gauhar Fell
Christopher Fiorillo
Raymond Frohlich
Aletia Garvey
Pamela Gibson
Alyssa Grimshaw
Mary Holder
Mary Hughes
Chachi Hung
Elizabeth Johnson
Soli Johnson
Samuel Jungeblut
Christopher Killheffer
Lindsay King
James Kirkland
Sarah Lawson
Kathryn Mansi
Viviana McHugh
Kevin Merriman
Suzanne Mirabile
Lori Misura
Jude Morrissey
Adiba Nabiz
Megan Nance, Vice Chair 2021-2022
Melanie Norton
Connor Orourke
Dorota Peglow
Kelvin Polanco
Vermetha Polite
William Richo
Megan Sinisgalli
Bianca Skinner
Steelsen Smith
Shawana Snell
Patrick Stone
Michael Wagner
Kathryn Webb
Richard Williams
Christopher Zollo

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