Library Committees

Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC)


As the key decision-making body for information technology at Yale University Library (YUL), the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) leads the YUL information technology guidance process. The ITSC provides guidance as well as sets priorities for Library IT; and also for IT projects and initiatives of other units in YUL having impacts or risks beyond their home department. The ITSC enables YUL to balance its goals with available IT resources in alignment with YUL’s goals and its mission, vision, and strategic directions.

The ITSC balances competing interests and establishes overall direction and priorities for IT at YUL. It provides input into IT planning and investment with input received from YUL advisory groups that it charges. The ITSC ensures that significant opportunities for leveraging technology are considered, that significant technology-related risks are addressed, and that the use of IT resources are aligned with YUL priorities. It reviews and approves library-wide IT policies. The group may also explore details where they relate to key decisions or impede progress on projects. Urgent matters requiring immediate decision making not supported by the ITSC’s meeting schedule may be addressed administratively outside of the ITSC by consultation of the group’s leaders and key stakeholders in a decision, with explanation at the next ITSC meeting.


Barbara Rockenbach, University Librarian

Committee Member: 

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