Library Committees

Promotion Review Committee

Sponsor: Mike Bell

Committee Charge: The Promotion Review Committee evaluates the promotion review files of candidates for promotion, carefully considers each case for promotion, and makes a recommendation for action on each case to the University Librarian, Law Librarian, or Director of the Yale Center for British Art.

Fequency of Meetings: Beginning in the spring, twice weekly meetings as needed to handle the number of cases put forward.

Member Selection Method: 2 members from each level of ranks of libarians are appointed by the University Librarian.

Term of Service: 2 years, unless filling out the term of someone. Terms should be rolling so that at least half of the committee has experience from the previous year.

Additional Information: The work of this committee is highly confidential. 


Christine McCarthy, Librarian V, 2022 Chair 

Scott Matheson, Librarian V, 2022-2023 

Rolando Garcia-Milian, Librarian IV, 2022 

Mike Lotstein, Librarian IV, 2022-2023 

James Kessenides, Librarian III, 2022 

Rosemary Davis, Librarian III, 2022 

Grete Graf, Librarian II, 2022 

Elisa Nascimento, Librarian II, 2022-2023 

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