Library Committees

Web Advisory Group

The Web Advisory Group will be the primary stakeholder panel for continual input and feedback to the Web Team, including providing input in the web design discovery process, reviewing data and analysis from the discovery process, reviewing, and providing feedback on conceptual and/or visual plans, previews, and demonstrations of content under consideration for change or development. The Web Advisory Group is advisory to the AUL designated with responsibility for the web presence, and to the Web Team.  

The Library Web Presence is and will remain a complex array of component services, products, and tools. With the Web Team Group, the Web Advisory Group will hold a broad aim to bring a unifying and cohesive user experience and brand strategy to all components of the library Web Presence; however, major components are also services and systems that are guided by other groups within the library (e.g., Quicksearch, Digital Collections System, LibGuides, and library web destinations remaining outside of the library Drupal environments).  The Web Advisory Group will provide advice related to these major components in the context of user experience, brand strategy, and design for library user-facing components but will not necessarily focus on the development and change of component services and systems.  Matters arising from this work that falls outside the scope of the Web Advisory Group may be brought to LEC, ITSC, the responsible AUL, or the University Librarian through the AUL leading the Web Team.  

Sponsor: Mike Bell, Associate University Librarian for IT and Administrative Services.

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