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Yale Library Learns

Sponsor: Lauren Di Monte

Committee Charge:

As a university, Yale is at its heart a learning organization. As an instrumental partner in student learning and as an organization that values staff excellence, along with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, Yale Library must also grow as a learning organization to achieve its goals. 
The Yale Library Learns program advances learning through Yale Library staff onboarding and a regular program of training in the skills and knowledge required of today’s library workforce.  
Yale Library Learns provides an ongoing and scaffolded program for newly hired and current employees and aims to:  
  • Provide a solid foundation and clear paths for library staff skill-building and re-skilling  
  • Make available to Yale Library staff and associated groups the tools, best practices, and consulting support necessary for developing and delivering training across Yale Library  
  • Provide opportunities for developing open training content that can be shared with the New Haven community and beyond  
  • develop training opportunities (identifying topics, working with training consultants) 
  • developing/updating onboarding and orientation activities for new library staff 
  • create a centralized library staff training calendar 
  • develop an online staff training toolkit 
  • research and possibly initiate a staff digital badging program 
  • create job shadowing opportunities 
  • develop online training modules 
  • with Library Communications, spotlight staff learning achievements 

Frequency of Meetings: monthly or as-needed

Member selection method: volunteer application

Term of Service: 2 years


Jessica Bower Relevo (2022-23)

Heather Gendron (chair)

Andrew Gray (ex-officio)

Sue Walker (2022-23)

Mike Rush (2022-24)

Ruth Carruth (2022-24)

Casey Thomas (2022-24)

Susan Jeanette (2022-24)

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