In Focus

Photograph of Braxton Shelley

Minister and musicologist Braxton D. Shelley, faculty in the Department of Music and at the Institute of Sacred Music, and Libby Van Cleve, director of Yale Library’s Oral History of American Music (OHAM), have teamed up to launch a series of one-on-one interviews with leaders in gospel music. The OHAM interviews complement Yale’s new Interdisciplinary Program in Music and the Black Church. Shelley founded the program, which is based in the Institute of Sacred Music (ISM), when he arrived at Yale last year. The program engages students and scholars in the Department of Music, the School of Music, the ISM, the Divinity School, and the Department of African American Studies. See full story.

YDS student’s notebook from 1853

This exhibit in the Current Periodical area and Day Missions Room traces the development of the theology faculty at YDS, beginning with Nathaniel W. Taylor's "New Haven Theology" and including D.C. Macintosh, Robert Calhoun, H. Richard Niebuhr, George Lindbeck, Hans Frei, David Kelsey, Margaret Farley, and others.