Divinity Library

Ministry Resource Center

Introduction to the Ministry Resource Center

Located in the Yale Divinity Library, the Ministry Resource Center (MRC) provides easy access to practical materials useful for students, faculty members, and others engaged in the practice of ministry. If you need to do something, virtually anything in the church, the MRC has resources to assist you. The MRC is open whenever the Divinity Library is open. If you have specific concerns or questions or if you want to make an appointment, please email ministry.resource.center@yale.edu.

What’s in the MRC?

The Ministry Resource Center offers a wide array of materials, most of which may be accessed through Orbis, the Yale University Library online catalog. In the MRC, you will find materials on worship, preaching, pastoral care, evangelism, child and youth ministry, music leadership, retreats, stewardship, the environment, and social issues. In addition, there are many denominational resources, hymnals, Bibles, and Sunday school guides. The MRC also contains a focused collection of books appropriate for children, numerous DVDs, and an assortment of Vacation Bible School curricula.  Currently, most MRC materials are arranged by subject and not Library of Congress call numbers.

Assistance Using the MRC.

Browsing is a good way to become familiar with the scope and range of the collection. Assistance is available to help patrons identify useful materials and, if necessary, to help locate them. Student workers staff the MRC desk for several hours each week when classes are in session. Their hours are posted at the desk.

Dr. Stephen Crocco, the Divinity Library Director, is often available to help at other times. Steve is an ordained Presbyterian minister who has served as an interim pastor. His office is located near the Circulation Desk. His email address is stephen.crocco@yale.com.  

Access to the MRC.

Anyone is permitted to use the materials in the MRC and make copies or scans of materials for personal use.  Current students, faculty members, and staff have the same privileges at the MRC as they do at the Divinity Library or any other Yale library.  Others—alumni/ae and those with no formal connection to Yale—should consult the Yale University Library Privileges Office, https://guides.library.yale.edu/borrow.  New church memberships to the MRC and renewals are currently on hold. Those with current memberships only still have privileges according to the terms of the agreement. Field-education and internship supervisors are granted library privileges for the year of their service. If you have any questions about access, please contact Dr. Stephen Crocco at stephen.crocco@yale.edu.

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