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List of Abbreviations

ABCFM American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
ABFMS American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society
ACM American Church Mission
ALM American Lutheran Mission
An. Anhwei Province
AUG Augustana Synod Mission
BMS Baptist Missionary Society (British)
CBM Church of the Brethren Mission
ChCC Church of Christ in China
CIM China Inland Mission
Che. Chekiang Province
CLS Christian Literature Society
CMML Christian Missions in Many Lands
CMS Church Missionary Society
ChCC China Continuation Committee of the National Missionary Conference
E&R Evangelical & Reformed Church
EPM English Presbyterian Mission
FCMS Foreign Christian Missionary Society
FFMA Friends' Foreign Mission Association
Fu. Fukien Province
Ho. Honan Province
Hop. Hopei Province
Hu. Hunan Province
Hup. Hupei Province
Ki. Kiangsi Province
Ku. Kiangsu Province
LCMS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod; pre 1947 MELCM; pre 1927 ELSM
LMS London Missionary Society
LUM Lutheran United Mission
Man. Manchuria
MEFB Methodist Episcopal Church
MES Methodist Episcopal Church South
MGC Mennonite General Conference
MMS Methodist Missionary Society
PN American Presbyterian Mission, North
PS American Presbyterian Mission, South
RC Roman Catholic
RCA Reformed Church in America
RCUS Reformed Church in the United States
SBC Southern Baptist Convention
SDA Seventh Day Adventist Mission
Sha. Shansi Province
SUM Sudan United Mission
Sung. Shantung Province
SVMM Student Volunteer Movement
Tung. Kwangtung Province
UCBWM United Church Board for World Missions
UCC United Church of Canada
UCMS United Christian Missionary Society
UMCA Universities' Mission to Central Africa
WFMS Women's Foreign Missionary Society of Methodist Episcopal Church
YM Yale in China Association
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
Yun. Yunnan Province
YWCA Young Women's Christian Association
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