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  • American Widescreen Museum: articles on history and technical specifications of widescreen formats
  • Art of the Title: main titles from feature films
  • Cinema Scope: "expanding the frame on international cinema"
  • David Bordwell: essays by one of the world's most important film scholars
  • David Bordwell: video lecture on CinemaScope
  • DVD Beaver: detailed technical evaluations of new DVDs
  • Film Quarterly: selections from the current issue; web exclusives
  • Filmmaker: the magazine of independent film, published by IFP
  • Fred Camper: essays by a leading authority on the avant-garde
  • Hitchcock-Truffaut tapes: 1962 interviews that were the basis of Truffaut's book
  • Informative and entertaining information about 70mm
  • J. Hoberman: reviews and articles by one of our best critics/historians
  • Letterboxd: social networking site that provides, among many features, a treasure trove of articles, lists, and reviews that document the rich history of film preservation, education, and appreciation at Yale.
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Paul Schrader: screenwriter-director-critic Paul Schrader's articles and reviews
  • Roger Ebert: reviews by the late Chicago Sun-Times critic and colleagues
  • Senses of Cinema: "an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema"
  • Silent Era: reviews of silent films on DVD and Blu-ray; news about silent film events
  • Sight and Sound Magazine: published by the British Film Institute
  • Tangemania: Yale Professor Aaron Gerow's Japanese Film Page
  • Variety: the major source of information on the film industry; film reviews
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