Projectionist Request Form

This form goes to Classroom Technology and Event Services (CT&ES), which will arrange for the projectionist service. CT&ES must receive the completed screening reservation form at least three weeks in advance of the screening date. It is important to observe this deadline: CT&ES cannot guarantee the availability of a projectionist with fewer than three weeks’ notice. If you have questions, it is strongly advised that you contact Anthony Sudol to discuss your screening needs before submitting this form.

Cancellations must be made by 12:00pm one full week in advance of the screening; otherwise, you will be responsible for full payment of the projection fee.

Unless arranged in advance, CT&ES is not responsible for any of the following:

  • booking the film rental or paying rental fees 
  • public performance rights for non-course and event screenings
  • payment of shipping charges 

Fees: CT&ES does not charge for regularly-scheduled course screenings, unless additional equipment or services are requested. For event screenings of 35mm, 16mm, or DCP, projectionist fees are $60/hour with a four-hour minimum (minimum cost: $240). Fees vary for Blu-ray, digital files, and other formats; contact Anthony Sudol for specifics. For additional audio-visual needs, such as microphones, see the estimate of fees.

Print(s) should be shipped directly to:

Tony Sudol
Yale Humanities Quadrangle
320 York Street, Room 119
New Haven, CT 06511
Contact person
Screening Information
You must reserve the venue before submitting this form. Click here for information on reserving a venue.
Distributor Information
Charging Instructions
Payment information is required with the submission of this form. If by COA, fill in the information below. If by credit card, indicate ‘Credit card’ in the ‘Notes’ field, and you will be contacted for the specific credit card information.
Special instructions regarding the screening schedule, guest appearances, additional equipment (such as microphones) or the order of multiple titles, should be indicated in the notes field. There may be a charge for additional equipment.
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