Trial of Self-Checkout Machines in SML and Bass

The Yale Library is embarking on a trial of two different self-checkout machines and is asking library users for their help in determining which machine to purchase. The new machines will allow library users to scan their Yale University or Library-issued ID Card, in order to check out library materials. The trial machines are located in the Franke Periodical Reading Room and at the circulation desk in the Bass Library from May 20 for approximately 6 weeks. We invite you to tell us what you think about the Self-Checkout machines by completing an online survey (links below), or a paper survey which will be located next to each machine, making sure to note which machine is used - Bibliotheca or 3M. Each machine has its company logo clearly on it, a sign identifying which one it is, and customized print-out slips. Link to Bibliotheca Self-Checkout survey: Link to 3M Self-Checkout survey: Thank you for helping us make the right decision!

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