Streaming Video Guiding Principles

Yale University Library seeks to acquire streaming video in support of the university’s teaching, research, and public missions, and which are in alignment with the library’s Collection Development Philosophy.

Both the commercial and academic streaming video markets continue to evolve and expand resulting in an ever-increasing amount of content, platforms, content providers, and acquisition models. Although patrons increasingly expect on demand streaming video in both their personal and academic lives, the availability of content for academic and personal use varies considerably. 

In order to provide greater access in an online environment, streaming video is the default format for all course-related requests.

The library utilizes the following principles to guide its streaming video acquisitions.

Acquisition and Licensing Models

We prefer:

  • perpetual streaming rights whenever available at a reasonable price.
  • archival rights to locally store preservation copies of digital media files.
  • subscribed video collections or packages over individual titles. 
  • individual video licensing only for course-related* and research needs.
  • acquisition and licensing video content from known academic publishers. 

Copyright Considerations 

Yale University Library is committed to complying with all applicable intellectual property laws and expects all University community members to respect the copyright rights of others.

When a request is made for streaming access to film/video content, we:

  • obtain permission from the copyright holder or determine if such content is in the public domain under copyright law.
  • ascertain that Yale University Library has or can provide subscription streaming access; or
  • inform faculty members to use only what is necessary for full participation by students enrolled in the course and make a reasonable good faith evaluation that their intended use of the content is “fair use” under copyright law.

Accessibility and Picture Quality

We prefer:

  • closed captions.
  • video transcripts - searchable, printable, or interactive.
  • player keyboard controls.
  • audio description.
  • range of resolutions, applicable to varying broadband availability.
  • reliable player, compatible with most browsers, and allows for embed/link into websites/course management systems.

Access and Availability

We prefer:

  • purchased or licensed for educational use and accessible to all authorized users on and off campus.
  • public performance rights if available at a reasonable price.
  • the ability to discover and access streaming video content in a variety of ways through library catalogs, discovery services, search engines, and link resolvers.
  • licensed content hosted on the publisher's platform.
  • no platform or publisher specific passwords to access content.

Platforms and User Experience (vendor-hosted content)

We prefer:

  • minimal or no maintenance and/or access fees.
  • vendors who provide usage statistics.
  • no advertisements on the platform or embedded in the content.
  • the ability to add Yale University Library branding on the platform.
  • platforms that respect user privacy and do not gather personal information.

Approved by Collection Steering Committee, September 10, 2020

Last modified: 
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 10:29am