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Requesting Permission from Special Collections

If you would like to publish material that is held by one of Yale University Library's special collections repositories, please contact the repository directly for more information:

Requesting Permission from Yale University Library

In support of the dissemination of scholarship, Yale University welcomes requests to reproduce materials held by the Library. Researchers, authors, and publishers requesting permission to publish materials from Yale University Library should comply with conditions and procedures outlined below. Fees will vary, depending on the nature of the materials and the proposed use. Permission to publish and notice of fees will be sent via fax or mail.

If the materials in question are protected by copyright, permission to publish must be sought from the owners of the rights. It is the responsibility of the requester to secure permission from the copyright holder. If the Library is identified as the copyright holder, the Library will give a non-exclusive right to publication upon review of the submitted application. Further republication will require reapplication to Yale University Library.

Regardless of whether Yale University Library is the copyright holder, all published materials from its collections should contain the following credit:

Courtesy of the Yale University Library

The Library can arrange to have publication-quality facsimiles produced of materials held in its collections. All costs of this service will be charged to the receptor.

You will be notified (see bottom of form) should it be necessary to forward your application to another library department for processing.

Print and return this request and all applicable fees (checks should be made to Yale University Library) to:

Yale University Library
Library Administrative Services
P. O. Box 208240
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8240
Tel: (203) 432-1818/Fax: (203) 432-1294

Receptor Information:
Receptor's name: _________________________________________
Date of application: ______________________
Address: ________________________________
Telephone: ______________________
Fax: ______________________
E-mail: ______________________
Correspond via ___ fax ___ mail

Check one of the following:

___ Yale University Library holds copyright:

Permission is sought to reproduce an item for publication as follows, understanding its copyright is held by Yale University Library. A permission fee per individual image or page may be charged for materials used in large press runs and/or for-profit applications.

___ Yale University Library does not hold copyright:

A facsimile reproduction is sought for publication of an item as follows, understanding Yale University Library does not own copyright, but does hold a copy of the item in its collections. No fee will be charged by Yale University Library other than the cost of reproductive services, if needed.

NOTE: Requests for photographic reproductions not intended for publication will be forwarded to the Interlibrary Loan Department. To submit a reproduction request not intended for publication, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department directly at:

Yale University Library
Interlibrary Loan Department
P. O. Box 208240
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8240
Tel: (203) 432-1789/Fax: (203) 432-2257

Identify item (or portion of item) to be reproduced. Please include a photocopy of any image(s) to be used if available. Attach another sheet if more space is needed.

Identify with as complete bibliographic information as possible the planned publication, including publisher, type of publication (for-profit or non-profit), date of publication, and size of the press run.

Signature of receptor: _________________________ Date: _______________

Yale University Library section:
___ Your request has been approved.
  Authorizing signature: ______________________________
  Date: _______________ Amount charged: _______________
___ Your request has been forwarded to _____________________ for processing.


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