5. Access (1xx/7xx) & Linking Relationships

Consult RDA 19.2-19.3 for determining creators and contributors (access and choice of entry) to works and RDA 20 for contributors to expressions (usually translations). For relationships of works, expressions, and manifestations (including differentiation), consult RDA 24-26. The following brief section on Title, Series & 7xx only covers access fields of particular relevance to direct-access electronic resources.

Title Access

[130/240 field].   A CD-ROM (or the floppy disk) with a print counterpart is a related manifestation. Under RDA, 130 is used to differentiate works and expressions; it is not made to differentiate manifestations such as the CD-ROM from the print version, though a 130 may be necessary to differentiate the CD-ROM's work or expression from another work or expression with the same title proper. The relationship of the CD-ROM manifestation to the print counterpart manifestation is brought out by field 776 (other formats).

With serials, if a print manifestation ceases and continues as a CD-ROM, the relationship is brought out using earlier/later title linking: 780/785.  

Use of the 130/240 fields to differentiate works with the same title proper is described in LC PCC PS Per RDA, one or more of the following elements ("as appropriate") is used as an addition to the preferred title: form of work, date of work, place of origin of the work, and "another distinguishing characteristic of the work."

Example: Work A. Qualifier (form) added to break the conflict with the title proper of a different work.

130 0   ‡a Chicano database (Computer file)
245 1 0 ‡a Chicano database.
264   1 ‡a Berkeley, Calif. : ‡b Chicano Studies Library Publications, University of California
300     ‡a CD-ROMs ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.

Example: Work B

245 0 0 ‡a Chicano database.
264   1 ‡3 <1995-2007>: ‡a [Mountain View, Calif.] : ‡b Research Libraries Group
264   1 ‡3 <2007-2012>: ‡a Dublin, Ohio : ‡b OCLC
264   1 ‡3 <2012->: ‡a [Ipswich, MA] : ‡b EBSCO Industries, Inc.
300     ‡a 1 online resource

LCCN 2004205045. The 240 is in the original record.  Under RDA, the CD-ROM is a continuation of the diskette manifestation, and the title is not differentiated.

110 1   ‡a Germany. ‡b Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie
240 1 0 ‡a Förderungskatalog. ‡p Bereiche Forschung und Technologie (CD-ROM)
245 1 0 ‡a Förderungskatalog. ‡p Bereiche Forschung und Technologie.
580     ‡a Continues a diskette version with the same title.
780 1 0 ‡a Germany. Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie. ‡t Förderungskatalog. Bereiche Forschung und Technologie ‡w (DLC) 2004205040 ‡w (OCoLC)54951980


Note that the format qualifier has been used for series to distinguish the print series from the CD-ROM series for the same work/expression even though this is inconsistent with RDA; this practice is obsolete. If 2 series have been established for the same work/expression because of the carrier/media type, identify one of the SARs to be retained, update it as necessary, and have the liaison notify LC to delete the other SAR.

LCCN 2004564618:

490 1   ‡a Washington manual subspecialty consult series for PDA
830   0 ‡a Washington manual subspecialty consult series (CD-ROM)

Linking Fields

753. Added entries tagged 753 will be found on some member copy records. The field is used for system details. Locally, we will not trace 753 on original records but we do not intend to remove them from member records.

776. In serials cataloging, this field is used to link the record for the electronic resource to the print record when the print record continues to be published. Example from CCM 30.16.2. Former practice was to include a 530 note Also available in a print ed. (locally YUL used Also issued in a print ed.). Current practice: no 530, just 776. Note that preferred title does not use a qualifier to differentiate the online version from the print version. (Currently 776 ‡i may not display)

Print version [abridged AACR2 cataloging; 776 added to link to the record for the CD-ROM]

245 0 0 ‡a Applied science & technology index.
260     ‡a [New York, etc.] ‡b H.W. Wilson Co. [etc.]
300     ‡a v.     <complete 300 as found in Orbis or LC Online Catalog>
776 0 8 ‡i Also issued in a CD-ROM edition: ‡t Applied science & technology index (CD-ROM) ‡x 1093-7706 ‡w (DLC)sn 96047870 ‡w (OCoLC)29049183

CD-ROM version [abridged & modified for RDA]. Title proper is "no conflict" so no 130 is made.

245 0 0 ‡a Applied science & technology index.
264   1 ‡a Bronx, NY : ‡b H.W. Wilson & Company,
300     ‡a CD-ROMs ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
530     ‡a Also issued in a print ed.
776 0 8 ‡i Also issued in a print edition: ‡t Applied science & technology index ‡x 0003-6986 ‡w (DLC)sc 79002989 ‡w (OCoLC)1581557

CCM 30.16.2 has further examples & guidance addressing more complex situations.

780/785. When a serial print publication is discontinued & continued in electronic format, successive entry is used. The print record needs to be closed & linked to the electronic record. Example from CCM 30.18 (but the CD-ROM qualifer has been removed.

Print (AACR2 cataloging [abridged])

245 0 0 ‡a Index translationum = ‡b Repertoire international des traductions = International bibliography of translations.
264   1 ‡a [Paris] ‡b Unesco [etc.], ‡c 1932-92.
300     ‡a v. ‡c 28 cm.
362 0   ‡a no 1-31; juil. 1932-jan. 1940; nouv. sér., 1-39; 1948-86.
580     ‡a Continued in 1994 as a CD-ROM.
785 1 0 ‡t Index translationum ‡w (DLC) 95660578 ‡w (OCoLC)32027032

CD-ROM (Modified for RDA [abridged])

245 0 0 ‡a Index translationum.
264   1 ‡a Paris, France : ‡b Unesco, ‡c 1994-
300     ‡a CD-ROMs ; ‡c 4 3/4 in. + ‡e user's manual
500     ‡a Title from disc label.
515     ‡a Cumulative from 1979.
538     ‡a System requirements: IBM-PC/XT/AT or compatible; 640K RAM minimum; at least 6 MB free for hard disk; MS-DOS Version 3.0 or higher, monochrome or color screen; CD-ROM drive (ISO 9660).
580     ‡a Continues a periodical with the same title issued in print.
780 1 0 ‡t Index translationum ‡x 0073-6074 ‡w (DLC) 50012446 ‡w (OCoLC)2433763