Special Location Processing: A-L

NOTE: see GENERAL PROCESSING above for instructions about where to send departmental hardcover and paperback books after cataloging.

ANTHROPOLOGY. Collection is housed physically at CSSSI. If a book designated for Anthropology falls into the LC Q class, the location should be changed to csssi; remember to change the Perm loc on the item record as well. Items for the collection bypass Preparations and are returned after cataloging via campus mail (Shipping Room).


  • Art Library and its collections (Reference, Birren, Mudd,Art) use a different oversize range (29-39 cm. height/25-36 cm. width use Oversize; Folio is written above the call number (‡k on Orbis) for 40 cm. and over height/37 cm. and over width). <Rev. 1/25/11. Formerly Oversize 29-39 cm height/25-30 cm width; Folio 40 cm & over; width 31 cm. and over>
  • Leave jackets on all art books.
  • Link to NJ18 guidelines
  • Beginning Jan. 1, 2000, art paperbacks are sent directly to Preparations. See Paul Conway's memo.


  • Art flag  should indicate Birren, but check Orbis location as well. DO NOT MARK BIRREN BOOKS.  After cataloging, send to Art in the container provided by Art. Use plastic ties provided to make sure the container does not open accidentally.
  • For copy cataloging, if the cataloging copy lacks a subject with the term "Color," refer to the art original cataloger.  NB: an Art book with cataloging copy with subject Color is not automatic Birren; either the Art flag or the Orbis loc must indicate Birren.
  • Detailed guidelines for Birren Processing.

ART LOCKED CASE (1, 2, etc.). Do not mark. After cataloging, follow the Art Birren procedure & send back to Art.


  • Currently located at the Haas Art Library, but continues to use the location code smlaob. Item record: nocirc
  • NJ18. For books by an individual artist, use NJ18 unless the artist has already been assigned N7433.4.A-Z; in that case use LCC (form table for 2nd Cutters in ClassWeb)
  • Autograph. If book is autographed by the artist, add a 692 14 <name of artist>.
  • 590: record copy numbers (copy x of y copies) as well as presence of autograph. 590 made for the Fritz Kredel Collection ("From the library of Fritz Kredel")
  • Colophon a good source for notes.
  • For fine press, paper & font are not noted. Papermakers are not noted unless they actively collaborate in the creation of the book.
  • Artists' books. LC currently uses 650 Artists' books as a form heading as well as a topical subject. 650 Artists' books can be subdivided geographically, but the scope note seems to indicate that geographic subdivision is only used when 650 is treated as topical. MARC 655 cannot be subdivided geographically.
  • ‡v Specimens. Not used with artists' books since they are specimens by LC definition.
  • Books are picked up and delivered to the mailroom after cataloging; they are not sent to Preparations.

ASTRONOMY. Copy cataloging, labeling, and plating are done by CSSSI staff. Original cataloging is done by the CSSI liaison at CMS. MFHDs for Astronomy copies sent for cataloging will have a ‡k shelving code for books that are on astronomy topics (LC QB class). Books that are not about astronomy will not have a MFHD ‡k. Items for the Astronomy collection bypass Preparations and are returned after cataloging via campus mail (Shipping Room).

CHEMISTRY COLLECTION. Items for the collection bypass Preparations and are returned after cataloging via campus mail (Shipping Room).

CD-ROM REFERENCE CENTER [no longer valid]

  • The CD-ROM Reference Center (smlcd) was closed in [2008?]. As of 7/2009, items were still in the process of being transferred to SML stacks.
  • Always add a 655 type of material tracing to the bibliographic record. <OBSOLETE 3/05 >

655   7 ‡a CD-ROMs ‡2 lcsh

Use the type of material tracing on any bibliographic record where the CD-ROM is primary, not just records for the CD-ROM reference center. <OBSOLETE 3/05 >

  • Full LC classification is used.
  • The practice of entering CD-ROM in 852 $k has ceased. (Sept. 2001)
  • Item type for CD-ROM Reference Center: reference (statistical category: CD)
  • Items cataloged for the CD-ROM Reference Center are charged to Prep after cataloging and left on the Preparations truck.

CSSSI [formerly: Kline Science Library]  All books for the Anthropology Collection in Q class should be cataloged for CSSSI. Anthropology Collection is housed physically within the CSSSI collection. "(LC)" is entered at the end of all CSSSI call numbers. Former (obsolete) practice: Q, R, S, T did not get (LC); all other LC classes got (LC). Items for the collection bypass Preparations and are returned after cataloging via campus mail (Shipping Room).


The Drama Library moved to the renovated Arts Library in July 2008 & now shares the same shelves. Although the Drama Orbis locations continue, Drama now uses the same oversize as Arts: (29-39 cm. height/25-36 cm. width use Oversize; Folio is written above the call number (‡k on Orbis) for 40 cm. and over height/37 cm. and over width)

Items cataloged should now be sent to SML Preparations (rather than back to the Drama Library)

Watch out for book club editions & playbooks with variations in physical description from the LC or member copy; they need to be treated as variant editions. <Now under review>

EGYPTOLOGY READING ROOM. This is a small, non-circulating collection (SML 329B). Scope is largely restricted to serials and reference books in the subject area. Unless a book has been flagged for this collection by the curator, do not assign the location even if the subject matter appears to be within scope; assume the curator has reviewed the item.

ENGINEERING COLLECTION. Engineering books are now received at SML. Catalog all books for SML, using the sml location.

FORESTRY AND ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES COLLECTION. FES items are received, cataloged, and processed at CSSSI; original cataloging is done by the CMS liaison to CSSSI. 

GEOLOGY LIBRARY. Geology items are received, cataloged, and processed at CSSSI; original cataloging is done by the CMS liaison to CSSSI.

JUDAICA. All unflagged books received for SML cataloging and falling into LC class BM are automatically cataloged for Judaica. (Orbis location in 852 and on the item record should be changed if necessary.) Items in Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish should be re-routed to the Hebraica Team.


Linonia & Brothers [L&B] (smllnb). Prior to Feb. 2005, 050 00 belletristic call numbers in the L&B collection only could be assigned a trailing W to avoid shelflisting. Beginning in Feb. 2005, the trailing X procedure began to be used for belletristic 050 00 call numbers in all collections, including L&B.  On November 30, 2016 the trailing X procedure was discontinued for all 050 00 call numbers.

LSF (Off-campus Library Storage Facility).

  • If an item is flagged for LSF, DO NOT CHANGE THE LOCATION CODE in MFHD 852 ‡b. LSF has special software to update the location; changing the location in Orbis will disrupt the LSF software.
  • Books with the LSF flag should be left on the LSF Preparations truck, not the regular Preparations truck.
  • Be sure to leave the LSF flag in the book!
  • If a volume must be added to a multipart set already transferred to LSF, write the call number of the home location (the original location) on the t.p. verso, and flag the volume with an LSF flag and a green ("use call number in book") flag, and leave on the LSF Preparations truck