Metadata Standards Advisory Group (MSAG)

Reports To: Metadata Strategy and Policy Steering Committee (MSPSC)

Advisory Group Charge: 

  • Solicit and submit proposals on emerging tools and initiatives, such as those generated by Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies
  • Maintain metadata application profiles, schema crosswalks, and metadata registries
  • Advise on storage and maintenance of metadata that have no current catalog of record (e.g., VRC items; geospatial data, sheets from scanned atlases; metadata formerly maintained in Ladybird)
  • Advise on interoperability of metadata systems and standards
  • Prepare programs and events: e.g., discussion groups, invited speakers, coordination with SCOPA
  • Distribute agendas and minutes
  • Forward proposals and recommendations to Metadata Strategy and Policy Steering Committee


  Chair: Tim Thompson

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly or as needed

Member Selection Method: Ex officio, representing metadata communities of practice, with 2 rotating members.

Term of Service: 2 years, renewable