The Talmud -- תלמוד


(1) Babylonian Talmud: The number given is the last page number.  The pagination, however, always begins with page 2; one page should therefore be deducted.
(2) Jerusalem Talmud: The number of pages is given in accordance with the Krotoschin edition.
(3) Avot, Tamid, Middot, Kinnim, Kelim: There is Tosefta to all the tractates with the exception of AvotTamid, Middot, Kinnim, Kelim.  In the Tosefta, Kelim is divided into three sections, respectively called Bava Kamma, Bava Mezia and Bava Batra.
(4) The tractates are generally arranged in the orders according to the descending numbers of chapters. For departures from this, see the articles [in Encyclopedia Judaica] on the individual tractates concerned.

Adapted from: "Talmud", Encyclopedia Judaica. Jerusalem: Keter Publishing House Jerusalem Ltd. 1972. pp. 751-752.

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