7. Enumeration

Enumeration. Data indicating the sequential numeric and/or alphabetic designation used by the publisher of the multipart to identify the individual bibliographic or physical parts and to show the relationship of each part to the bibliographic unit as a whole.

7-1. Supplied Enumeration. "If the bibliographic item does not carry enumeration, do not supply it." (ANSI 5.5.4 Enumeration, p. 28). YALE LOCAL PRACTICE: If enumeration has been supplied to volumes of a multipart by the cataloger on the bibliographic record (with bracketed numbers in 505), use the bracketed numbers as a basis for recording holdings in 866; record the vol. numbers with brackets.

505 1   ‡a [2] Andhra Pradesh -- [3] Assam -- [4] Bihar -- [5] Gujarat -- [6] Haryana -- [7] Himachal Pradesh -- [8] Jammu & Kashmir -- [9] Karnataka -- [10] Kerala


866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a [2]-[10]

New: To facilitate association with item records, the new policy will be to supply enumeration for unnumbered non-print parts if their individual containers are barcoded or could be barcoded, e.g. microfim reels, videocasettes, DVDs. Note that this deviates from ANSI 5.5.3 Extent of Unit, p. 28. Formerly, if unnumbered, only the total number of items held was recorded for original publications. Continue to record unnumbered microfiche as a total number of items. (See Examples at 8-2 and 8-3))

7-2. Record enumeration by giving the caption followed by the sequential designator (i.e., the number ; ANSI 5.5.4 p. 28). If the enumeration on the item uses ordinal numbering, with the number preceding the caption, convert to cardinal numbering in order to place the caption first. (ANSI option p. 30-31)

Item in hand has designation: 3. Teil. Record in 866 as:

866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a T.3

NOTE: former practice was to record ordinal numbers as is with caption following the number, e.g. 3. Teil.

7-3. If the parts have hierarchical enumeration, record the sublevels following a colon when the situation warrants recording of sublevels. See 5. Compression above.

7-4. "Convert all numeric information to Arabic numbers" (ANSI p. 30).

VII becomes 7
sixth volume becomes v.6

7-5. If typographic or other designations are used on the item in place of numbers, convert them to numbers if they have direct numeric equivalents (ANSI p. 32):

First volume has *; second volume has **:

866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a 1-2

Note: ANSI example has captions, but unless the item has " v. * ", do not supply captions.

7-6. "Record uppercase and lowercase alphabetic characters as they appear on the item" (ANSI p. 31):

866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a 23a
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a no.36B
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.B

Yale will apply the option to romanize nonroman alphabetic data.

7-7. "When a bibliographic item is used with combined numbering--not when bound together after receipt--separate the numbers by a forward slash." (ANSI p. 31). If a caption is used, record the caption for the first number only.

866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.5/6