Biography Table


.x Cutter for biographee
.xA2 Collected works by date
.xA25 Selected works. Selections. By date. Including quotations
.xA3 Autobiography, diaries, etc. By date
.xA4 Letters. By date
.xA5 Speeches, essays, and lectures. By date. Including interviews
.xA6-Z Including biography and criticism. By main entry. Including criticism of selected works, autobiography, quotations, letters, speeches, interviews, etc.
"Biography and criticism" in the Biography Table are limited to the range .xA6-Z. If the main entry of a biographical or critical work begins with A and the work is classed in a biography class, do not Cutter lower than A6. The suggested Cutter numbers for entries beginning with A are:
Aa-Af​ A6-699
Ag-Al A7-799
Am-Ar A8-899
As-Az A9-9999

Note: The Translation Table can be applied to the .xA6-Z of the Biography Table. Do not use the Translation Table with the .xA2-.xA5 area of the Biography Table

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