12. 378 Fuller Form of Personal Name

Sources: LC Training, Module 3, NACO Training, BL Guide, RDA 9.5

378 No indicators

Do not apply to corporate name initialisms.


‡q Fuller form of personal name (NR)
‡u Uniform Resource Identifier (R)
‡v Source of information (R)

Authorized Access Point - RDA, LC PCC PS

Source: RDA Training, Module 2, Slide 44

New names: add unused fuller forms to the preferred name if needed to break a conflict (with another AAP or a 400); do not routinely add the fuller form when there is no conflict.

  • If there is no conflict, add the fuller form only if the preferred name contains an initial or an abbreviation, and it is important for identification (cataloger’s judgment)

Previously established names: Do NOT add a fuller form to an existing AAP unless you need to break a conflict (and the new name can’t be qualified– but virtually any new name can be qualified based on the July 2013 updates that expanded Other Designation qualifiers). Conversely, if a fuller form has been added as a qualifier in an AACR2 AAP, do not remove it even if the preferred name, or the preferred name in combination with other additions (e.g. dates) does not conflict with any existing AAP in the catalog or database.

The option in this rule says to add a fuller form of name even if there is no need to distinguish between access points. LC-PCC PS for the option: generally do not apply the option, unless "the cataloger considers it important for identification." For example, in Russian publications forename initials are used instead of the spelled-out form routinely, and it may be helpful for purposes of identification to supply the spelled-out form in the qualifier. On the other hand, the use of forename initials in Anglo-American and Western European publications' sources normally is the author's choice, and would not warrant the addition of a fuller form to the AAP unless a conflict needs to be broken.


Catalog and NAF do not have a name conflicting with R. S. Jacoby or any Jacoby with first name beginning with R; fuller form from back flap; source for fuller form is cited in the 670.

100 1   Jacoby, R. S.
378     ‡q Robert Simon

Name on t.p.: Robert Johnson; back cover: Robert Eugene Johnson;  different person in the catalog with AAP: Johnson, Robert (Robert E.)

100 1   Johnson, Robert ‡q (Robert Eugene)
378     ‡q Robert Eugene

Title page has: V. A. Panfilove;  verso t.p.: Valeriĭ  Aleksandrovich Panfilove;  AAP already in catalog:  Panfilov, V. A. (Viktor Alexandrovich)

100 1   Panfilov, V. A. ‡q (Valeriĭ Aleksandrovich) <even though no conflict with Viktor>
378     ‡q Valeriĭ Aleksandrovich