RDA Terminology

Source: (Source: LC Training Module 1 Slides 32-33 Sept. 2012)

Trainer Notes: "Listed on these slides are some of the main differences in terminology between AACR2 and RDA. Some of the changes reflect our turning away from the catalog card environment, while others reflect terminology in the FRBR/FRAD models and the International Cataloguing Principles."

heading authorized access point (AAP)
author, composer, artist, etc. creator <under some circumstances, a compiler may be a creator>
main entry preferred title and, if appropriate, the authorized access point for the creator
uniform title Two RDA counterparts:
1. the preferred title and any differentiating information;
2. a conventional collective title such as “Works”
see reference variant access point
see also reference authorized access point for related entity
physical description carrier description
general material designator three elements:
1. content type
2. media type
3. carrier type
chief source preferred sources