18. Geographic Names- 2

Source: NACO RDA Training Module 5 Describing Places, Slide 54; RDA

This table shows authorized access points for places for which a term for type of jurisdiction is added to differentiate the place from another with the same name.

"  For a government other than a city or a town, record the type of jurisdiction in the language preferred by the agency creating the data. If there is no equivalent term for the type of jurisdiction in the language preferred by the agency, or in case of doubt, record it in the official language of the jurisdiction."

Established Jurisdiction Type of Jurisdiction Added to Differentiate
Cork (Ireland) Cork (Ireland : County)
Darmstadt (Germany) Darmstadt (Germany : Landkreis)
  Darmstadt (Germany : Regierungsbezirk)
Guadalajara (Spain) Guadalajara (Spain : Province)
Lublin (Poland) Lublin (Poland : Powiat)
  Lublin (Poland : Voivodeship)
Tulcea (Romania) Tulcea (Romania : Județ)
Westphalia (Duchy) Westphalia (Kingdom)
Würzburg (Germany) Würzburg (Ecclesiastical principality)

When recorded as a separate element, the type of jurisdiction is put in MARC field 368, subfield ‡b.  Note: the examples in this slide show the type of jurisdiction recorded in field 368 in singular form.  DCM Z1 says to “Prefer controlled vocabulary for terms, recording the source in subfield ‡2.”

151     Cork (Ireland : County)
368     $b Counties $2 lcsh
151     Guadalajara (Spain :  Province)
368     $b Province  <no LCSH for Provinces>
151     Lublin (Poland : Powiat)
368     $b Powiat <no LCSH for Powiats>
151     Lublin (Poland : Voivodeship)
368     $b Polish Voivodeships  $2 lcsh
151     Westphalia (Duchy)
368     $b Duchies $2 lcsh
151     Westphalia (Kingdom)
368     $b Kingdom <no LCSH for Kingdoms>