SML Catalog & Metadata Services Location Table

This table is intended as a quick reference for processing in the following CMS Teams: Copy Cataloging Team [CCT], Original Cataloging Team [OCT], & Specialty Cataloging Team.

  • Assignments labeled "No Special Team" are cataloged by CCT, OCT, or Specialty depending on availability of cataloging copy and language
  • Franklin Collection is cataloged by the Rare Book Team (RBT)
  • Books with LC copy may be cataloged on receipt by the Monograph Support Team
  • The small number of online resources without vendor provided cataloging are cataloged by Cat. Mgt. (copy) or OCT (original) if the online title was funded by SML.

This table is not intended to be comprehensive for other teams inside or outside the department at SML, i.e.: Beinecke Rare Book Cataloging (RB),  East Asian (EA), Manuscripts & Archives MSSA), Monograph Support (MS),  Near Eastern (NE), and Serial Support (SS). Some locations formerly cataloged by the SML Teams are listed.

LC/Old Yale Stacks are at the beginning of the table. All other SML collections and school and departmental libraries are arranged alphabetically. Detailed processing notes are on a separate web page. To go to notes, click here.

Color coding:

  • Gray: Obsolete location; in some cases there will be a hotlink to the current location row.
  • Yellow: cataloged by a unit other than CMS. In some cases, SML Catalog Dept. once cataloged for the location. In other cases, items for the location are received by one of the SML acquisitions units & sometimes end up at CMS by mistake.

If a collection name under the Location column is hotlinked, click on it for more information. If a location name functions only as a reference to the current name, clicking on it will send you to the current name. For guidelines on Item types, click on the underlined header. Clicking on hotlinked text in the Team Assignment column will send you back to the top of the table.