Non-Fiction & Artistics Performances


Classify by topic.

Bibliographic record:

050   4 ‡a DS36.85 ‡b .I846 2000
245 0 0 ‡a Islam, empire of faith ‡h [videorecording] / ‡c a Gardner Films production in association with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises ; produced and directed by Robert Gardner ; Jonathan Grupper, series writer.
260     ‡a [Baltimore, Md.?] : ‡b Gardner Films ; ‡a [Alexandria, Va.?] : ‡b distributed by PBS Home Video, ‡c 2000.
300     ‡a 2 videocassettes (ca. 180 min.) : ‡b sd., col. ; ‡c 1/2 in.
650   0 ‡a Civilization, Islamic.


852 0 1 ‡b sml ‡h DS36.85 ‡i I846 2000 VHS
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a pt.1-pt.2


Video of performances of dramatic works, e.g. video of a Royal Shakespeare performance of King Lear; class to the work. (Do not, however, deviate from standard title main entry practice on the bibliographic record! See the Harold Pinter example below in section 5.)

Video of performances of individual choreographic works, class to the work (e.g., Ballet: GV1790; Modern: GV1783.2; cutter to title).

However, class film and television adaptations of dramatic works to PN1997/PN1997.2 (e.g., Kenneth Branagh's film of Hamlet on video). See section 3 below.

Class a collection of performances of works by a single literary author or choreographer (GV1785) under the author's/choreographer's selection number.

Class a collection of performances of works by multiple literary authors under the appropriate number for a literary collection.

Class a collection of performances by multiple choreographers under the dance company (GV1786) if there is only one or one dance company is primary. Otherwise, class to the general number of the type of dance, e.g. GV1790.A1 (ballet collections), GV1784 (jazz dance).

Class videos of performance artists performing as local NJ18 classification if works about them class in N; class videos of performance artists performing in the appropriate P class if works by or about them class in P. Video art (as opposed to performance art captured on video) is classed to NJ18 for the particular video artist.

Class videos of operas as scores (M1500), using the format code to distinguish the video from the printed work. First Cutter number is to the composer; second Cutter is to the title of the work. Use A2 for collected opera collections; use A25 for selected opera collections. Do not use ML52.7. NOTE: Until 2007 Sept. practice was to use ML50, classing the videorecording with the libretto.

Examples of Classification for Artistic Performances