Importing Records Exported from OCLC

NOTE: This workflow is focused on import procedures for bibliographic records used in cataloging. Some adjustments need to be made if importing is intended for catalog maintenance, i.e. to replace a fully cataloged bibliographic record. Procedures for importing authority records are not covered in this document.

TERMINOLOGY. The record to be replaced will be referred to as the target record. A match point is a variable field (035, 020, 010) defined by the system profile to cause a Voyager Dedupe window prompt when the user attempts to save a record to the database and data in the field matches the data in a field with the same tag in another bibliographic record already in the database. Although originally set up by Endeavor to prevent unintended loading of duplicate records, the Dedupe window prompt is frequently used in cataloging to identify and replace an existing Orbis record with cataloging from another source. If a match point is not detected when the cataloger follows the replace procedure, Orbis will load a duplicate record into the database.

To:Technical Services Staff
From: Steven Arakawa for CCC/CPDC
Date: (06/08/06 issue date, 05/12/2008 revision date)