Library Committees

Advisory Committee on Library Staff Diversity and Inclusion

Reports to: Risë Nelson

Committee Charge: The Advisory Committee on Library Staff Diversity and Inclusion is charged with informing and advising on diversity and inclusion in Yale Library. Particular areas of emphasis are a climate/culture of mutual respect and the recruitment and retention of a diverse staff. This committee is advisory in nature—members are not expected to conduct events.

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Term of Service: 2 years

Committee eligibility: Any full- or part-time Yale Libraries staff member with a commitment to building a culture of mutual respect and recruiting and retaining a diverse staff.  


Committee Members:

Barrie, Abdeena July 2023-June 2025
Coleman, Cristal July 2023-June 2025
Olivares, Miriam July 2023-June 2025
Guérin, Sandrine July 2023-June 2025
Jazowick, Irene July 2023-June 2025
Khalyat, Jessenia July 2023-June 2025
Rhee, Allison July 2023-June 2025
Bailey, Mark July 2022-June 2024
Becker, Jessica July 2022-June 2024
Brombosz, Courtney July 2021-December 2024, Co-Chair, Contact
Cioffi, Bernadette ex officio, ongoing
Nelson, Risë Sponsor ex officio, ongoing
O'Brien-Miller, Laura July 2022-June 2024
Rec, Agnieszka July 2022-June 2024
Smith, Dawn January 2021-June 2024, Co-Chair, Contact
Stanley-McAulay, Deborah ex officio, ongoing
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