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Aeon Users Group

Reports To: Special Collections Steering Committee

Committee Charge: The Aeon Users Group is charged with implementing policies and procedures relating to Aeon, an automated request and workflow management software for public services in special collections. The Users Group will consist of staff from units using Aeon as well staff who will provide technical support. The assumption is that ongoing support and bringing Aeon up to date will occur before bringing new libraries online. The User Group will:

• Identify the ongoing level of support that is necessary for maintaining Aeon as a production level 24/7 operation that is integrated with Orbis, the Finding Aid database, GFA and potentially other discovery tools.

• Develop a process for implementing new versions of Aeon, including timelines and staffing. This will include the identification of a central point of contact with Atlas to implement new versions and request enhancements.

• Investigate and make recommendations regarding whether Yale or Atlas should host Aeon related data. The User Group will also determine whether the Yale should implement a single or multiple instances of Aeon.

• Develop a plan for rolling out Aeon to the other special collection units at Yale, first libraries and then potentially museums. This includes budget (both implementation and ongoing), timeline, training plan, and documentation. Goals include the development of consistent practices across the University system especially with respect to statistics and registration policies. For example are we photographing all readers. Ideally we would look to bring most operations up by next fiscal year.

• Develop a list of enhancements to pursue with Atlas and as necessary developed in house.

Frequency of Meetings: Biweekly

Committee Member: 

Beinecke, Chair, Contact
Divinity Library
Manuscripts & Archives
Medical Historical Library
Manuscripts & Archives
Lewis Walpole Library

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