Library Committees

Collection Development Subcommittee

Reports to: Collection Steering Committee
Charge: The Collection Development Subcommittee is an operationally-focused group that provides support to the Collection Steering Committee (CSC) so that it may carry out its strategic objectives. It serves as an instrument by which selectors can provide input about collection development related issues. It refers these to the CSC as appropriate for development of policies, procedures, and guidelines. 
Guides and supports the operational aspects of collection development in all formats, including workflows, assessment, and project planning.
Participates in vendor relations and price negotiation, especially for multidisciplinary resources. 
Crafts purchase and renewal recommendations for significant multidisciplinary resources .
Facilitates dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration among library departments and subject libraries as related to collection development.
Frequency of meetings: Biweekly
Member selection method: Appointed by director of collection development
Term of service: Ongoing
Committee Member:    
Linden, Julie Sponsor
Serrano, Amauri Chair/Coordinator
Bergstrom, Dean
Carney, Erin
Drake, Trezlen
Estelle-Holmer, Suzanne
Fernandez, Michael
Merriman, Kevin
Printy, Michael
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