Library Committees

Special Collections Steering Committee

Reports To: AUL for Special Collections

Committee Charge: Under the direction of the sponsor, SCSC makes decisions about direction and policies affecting the integration of Yale Library special collections operations, the implementation of shared services across Yale Library special collections, and the establishment of shared goals.


• Establish a common philosophy and goals across Yale Library’s special collections.

• Unify policies, practices, and operations across Yale Library’s special collections in key functional areas.

     o Charge advisory groups and task forces to investigate and recommend new or revised policies, programs, or projects that align or advance special collections practices and operations.

• Advise sponsor on matters of broad interest to Yale Library special collections and other key stakeholder units.

• Advise decisionmakers on the committee about the development, enhancement, and prioritization of shared services for the special collections community.

• Foster information sharing and strengthen collaboration across Yale’s special collections.

• Sharing information that impact special collections.

• Strategize for how/where advocate or escalate special collections needs for broader library consideration.

• Inform recommendations involving IT or metadata proposals affecting the special collections community.

Authority & decision making

  • The group functions as a steering committee, making decisions about policies, procedures, and opportunities library wide in conjunction with the sponsor.  
  • Decision-making will ideally occur by consensus or general agreement.  Voting may be used under the direction of the sponsor, where a majority vote among quorum (3/4 of members) carries a motion.  
  • The Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) has authority to approve IT-related projects for special collections.  The Metadata Steering Committee (MSC) has authority to approve metadata policies affecting special collections. SCSC may advise in these areas, but does not have decision-making authority.  

Frequency of Meetings:

  • Every other week

Terms of Service:

  • Members consist of the directors of each special collections unit in the Yale University Library as well as the units that provide special collections support services. Membership seats for units outside of YUL may be added by permission of the University Librarian.
  • The Committee Chair serves for two years; this individual does not need to be an existing member of SCSC. The Chair is appointed by the University Librarian.
  • The Committee Secretary serves for 1 year. This position is for a Librarian 1 or 2.


1. AUL for Special Collections (Michelle Light) (Chair and Sponsor)
2. Director of Collections, Research, and Education (Lucy Mulroney)
3. Director of Public Services and Operations (Chris Weideman)
4. Director of Community Engagement (Michael Morand)
5. Director of Digital Special Collections and Access (Jonathan Manton)
6. Director of Special Collections Technical Services (Jasmine Jones)
7. Director of Preservation and Conservation (Christine McCarthy)
8. DASHRS representative (Rich Richie)
9. Gilmore Music Library Representative (Ruthann McTyre)
10. Haas Arts Library Representative (Heather Gendron)
11. Divinity Library representative (Scott Libson)
12. Lewis Walpole Library representative (Nicole Bouché)
13. Medical Historical Library representative (Melissa Grafe)

Consultants and Stakeholders

14. Library Information Technology representative (Dale Hendrickson) (ex officio)
15. Library Business Office representative (Pauline Fagan) (ex officio)
16. Yale Center for British Art representative (Rachel Chattelbash) (ex officio)
17. Law Library representative (TBD) (ex officio)
18. Administrative support (Allison Van Rhee) (ex officio)

Committees Reporting to SCSC:

Committee Websites:

Guide to Using Special Collections at Yale

SCSC SharePoint Site

Primary Sources at Yale

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