Christian Weekly

Christian Weekly (基督教週報) is the Chinese-language newspaper published by the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union (香港華人基督教聯會).

Founded in 1915, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union is a Christian organization consisting of 354 member churches belonging to different denominations. Its mission is to coordinate the Chinese Christian churches in spreading the Gospel and organizing various evangelistic works in publishing, social welfare, education, medical services, etc. The Union also manages cemeteries, clinics and hospitals, schools, and homes for the elderly.

Published since 1964, Christian Weekly It is one of the two Chinese Christian newspapers in Hong Kong. It documents the activities of the Christian churches and organizations including schools and social welfare services institutes in Hong Kong. It also contains articles on Christian life and education, theology and faith, information on Christian activities in Taiwan and China, etc. Writers include laymen, prominent evangelists and pastors.

The digitized version of the Christian Weekly includes no. 1 (1964) – no. 2572 (2013).

To request digital copies of these materials, please contact the Divinity Library Special Collections.