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Lin Collection of Lantern Slides and Photographs

Bridge in the Yen-tang Shan (Yandang Mountains)

The Lin Collection of Lantern Slides and Photographs is part of the Missionary Ephemera Collection (Record Group 221. Series XIII. Lantern Slides and Glass Negatives. Boxes 42-52).

It consists of over 500 glass lantern slides, both hand-colored and black and white, showcasing the work of missionary photographers such as The Rev. Charles A. Killie (1857-1916), photographer and colorist Edward Van Altena, and professional colorist Annette Karge.

It provides a visual documentation of the history of China between the years 1850-1950, paying particular attention to cross-cultural interactions between China and the West, the growth of Christianity in China in the early 20th century, and the development of the indigenous Chinese church.

A number of slides were produced by major manufacturers and distributors of stereographic images, such as Charles BeselerKeystone, T.H. McAllister, and Underwood & Underwood, but most sets are unique and not mass-produced.

Most of the lantern slides have been digitized. Click here for a collection inventory with links to the digital images.

For additional information, please contact the Divinity Library.

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