Curricular Support

The Yale Film Archive provides a range of curricular support services to faculty in all departments in the University.


The Yale Film Archive collection includes thousands of titles from over 160 countries, spanning the history of film. If we do not have a film needed for a course or for faculty research, we will make every effort to acquire it. Please submit all requests via the Purchase Request Form, selecting "Film" as the Subject Area. Due to a high demand for acquisitions and the difficulty of sourcing some titles, it is strongly recommended that requests for course-related materials are submitted by August 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for Summer Session, though requests are accepted and processed throughout the year on a rolling basis. Decisions regarding acquisitions are based upon academic needs as well as restrictions of budget, with priority given to current-year courses.


Faculty should use Canvas to put Yale Film Archive media on reserve, selecting the Film Archive as the pickup location. Reserves are for the entire semester. Only the faculty member making the reservation and their authorized proxies can take reserve items offsite, but students and other members of the Yale community can watch the media onsite in the Film Archive screening room or booths. Faculty's personally-owned media can be placed on reserve as well, though leaving rare or one-of-a-kind material is not recommended. Please bring the media to the Film Archive Circulation Desk for assistance.


The Yale Film Archive staff welcomes the opportunity to augment instruction and share information on our resources through Film Archive tours, classroom visits, equipment demonstrations, consultation on film selection, reference support, and more. Contact the Film Archive's Archer Neilson (203.432.0149) to explore these options.

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