Project Management

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Cindy Greenspun
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Project management consultation and assistance
Short Description: 
Project management consultation provides YUL staff with best practices for planning, executing, and closing YUL projects.

Library IT offers YUL staff consultation in managing projects, from simple two-week implementations to complex multi-year organization-wide efforts. Consultation includes providing best-practice advice on project planning, executing and monitoring; stakeholder management; communications planning; and building realistic timelines.

This service does not include access to project management software.

No visibility restrictions
Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
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How do I get it? 

Requests for project management assistance should be requested using the Library IT Service Request form available at

How do I access it? 

Once your request has been received, you will be contacted by Library IT to schedule an initial appointment.

Is there a specific area that your user can go to for help? 

Project charter templates and other documentation is available in Box.

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Project management consultation is available on a first-come first-served basis. The consultation service does not include the distribution of project management software, and does not guarantee that a Library IT project manager will be assigned to your project.

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Scheduling and Support
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YUL Support Group (listed above)
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