IT Consulting Services

Service Owner 
Steven Wieda
YUL Service Domain 
consulting services, questions, help, security, information architecture, ia, itsm
Short Description: 
Library IT offers consulting services to YUL on best practices in technology, project maangement, security, and more.

Library IT is availalbe for consultation throughout YUL.  Among the services offered are:

  • Infrastructure monitoring,
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Information architecture
  • Security
  • Service management
No visibility restrictions
Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
Affiliations that can use this service offering 
How do I access it? 

To request consultation, please use the Library IT service request form.  Please use the Long description field to provide as much information regarding your inquery as posible.

Are there any specific policies and procedures outlined for your service offering? 

During the consultaiton, it may be discoverd that the subject of the consultation requires resources beyond what the YUL already has.  The conultation will not guarantee funding for those resorces.

If the consultation results in the formation of a project or the introduction of a new Librtary IT service, the result of the consultation may have to go before the IT Steering Committee.  The staff member is highly encouraged to speak with her or his supervisor prior to requesting a consultation.

Are there Rates & Charges Associated to this Service Offering? 
Tier 1 Support 
YUL Support Group (listed above)
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