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Robert Rice
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Non-CMS web hosting allows YUL staff to publish files and images that are accessible by the web. This service is not to be used for hosting websites.

Many of the Yale University Library's website platforms, such as Drupal or LibGuides, do not provide robust file-managing capabilities.  It can be extremely difficult to upload and host 200 finding aid PDFs.  Therefore, Library IT offers a simple Windows Explorer/MacOS Finder-based method for uploading and managing web-accessible files.

The intent of this service is solely to provide a platform for accessing binary files such as images, PDFs, and ZIP files.  It is not a platform for hosting HTML pages or websites.

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Who is elegible to use this service offering? 
Yale Library Staff Only
Affiliations that can use this service offering 
How do I get it? 

Requests for file hosting are made by submitting a service request on the Library IT website.  A valid NetID and explicit permissions are required to host files.

How do I access it? 

Uploading and managing files are performed through the Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder.  Web-accessible folders are accessed in the same manner as any other folder on your computer.

Does your service offering require a user to have specific system configurations? 

This service requires the user to have the currently-supported version of Windows or MacOS on their computer.

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Are there any specific policies and procedures outlined for your service offering? 

This service is to be used solely for the purpose of hosting binary files such as images, PDFs, or ZIP files intended to be downloaded by a web visitor.  It is not to be used for hosting HTML files of any kind.  HTML files stored on a web-accessible share are subject to removal by Library IT without notice to the user. 

An operating agreement, known locally as a service overview, is available for this service. A service overview is a document that defines expectations and resources required to provide ongoing operational support for the service.  You can view it here.

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