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George Ouellette
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LibAnswers, LibChat, Ask Yale Library, Ask a Librarian,
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AskYale is a multi-channel communications platform that allows YUL staff to answer users' questions via real-time web-based chat, SMS, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. AskYale also functions as a self-service FAQ portal.

AskYale provides students with a suite of tools to retrieve information from Yale University Library staff.  AskYale is based on the SpringShare LibAnswers and LibChat platforms.

AskYale provides a real-time web-based chat function that allows direct communication between users and YUL staff.  It also powers a self-service, searchable FAQ system that allows users to get the information they need when they need it.  The FAQ's search functionality includes predictive searching and the ability to connect one FAQ entry to another as a related topic.

AskYale allows YUL staff to post directly to social media accounts, including support for content embargoes where information can be posted automatically at a later time.

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Yale Library Staff Only
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Once a YUL staff member has been granted access, AskYale can be accessed through the main LibApps site at

or directly at

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This service is entirely web-based.  As such, only a modern web browser is required to access this service.

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