NACO Coordinator Responsibilities

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Goal: to provide leadership and expertise for Yale University Library’s NACO program, upholding the integrity of the Name Authority File by ensuring that Yale complies with NACO program standards.

Shared responsibilities: Wheat (Tachtorn) Maier is currently serving as NACO coordinator for a term period of 2 years (2023-2025) and Jia Xu is serving as NACO coordinator co-lead for 1 year (2023-2024). In an effort to alleviate the workload needed to fulfill all NACO responsibilities, tasks have been divided amongst the two NACO coordinators, Danijela Matković (A&I AG chair), and Hannelore Segers (A&I AG member). Individuals(s) responsible for each task listed below are indicated in parentheses at the end of each responsibility statement.

1.  Attend Authorities & Identities Advisory Group (A&IAG) meetings, advising on NACO matters and reporting on local NACO activities. (Wheat and Jia)

2. Monitor major listservs, including PCCLIST, alerting the YUL community of crucial NACO developments. A good source of agenda topic ideas. (Jia) 

3. Plan/organize NACO training based on the PCC training slides and Preparing for NACO Training document. Optionally, collect data through surveys on training needs. (Wheat) 

4. Oversee the Yale NACO review program using the NACO Reviewers’ Handbook, 2012 revised edition. Mediate between reviewers and those who need to be reviewed. A&I and MSC chairs are available to help with recruitment of reviewers. Update staff’s NACO status. (Wheat)

5. Provide guidance to Yale community using NACO Participants Manual, 4th edition (2020) (Jia)

6. Moderate the YUL-NACO mailing list (Wheat and Danijela)

7. Maintain the Cataloging @ Yale NACO pages (A&I AG as a group) 

8. Report BFM to according to PCC Guidelines for Reporting NACO BFM, including duplicate NACO records and corrections to bibliographic records in the Library of Congress catalog. (Jia)

9. Report NACO statistics to PCC twice a year. (Hannelore)

a. Submit by April 15 for October-March and by October 15 for April-September

·  Include LC Authority Adds and, separately, LC Authority Replaces

·  Include statistics submitted under the YUS (Yale Library) and GXR (Law Library) institution codes 

·  Do not include statistics submitted through funnels (e.g., Arabic, CJK, Hebraica, and Music) or use the Consolidated Usage Report (which includes the funnel data)

b. For OCLC Connexion statistics, go to OCLC Usage Statistics page, logging into the YUS and GXR accounts separately

c. For OCLC WorldShare statistics, go to OCLC WorldShare → Analytics → Chose Reports → Metadata → Monthly Record Manager Actions → Authority Records

d. Input combined statistics from Connexion and WorldShare in the PCC Portal, including statistics for YUS and GXR

Note: Get the password from Daniel Lovins, as it changes every 6 months

e. Coordinate with the BIBCO and SACO Coordinators to send a message reporting the compiled Yale authority statistics to the YULCAT-L mailing list

f. Documentation:

·  Connexion: Obtaining PCC NACO Statistics through the OCLC Statistics Portal

·  WorldShare statistics: Metadata Reports

·  Guidelines for Entering Statistics in the PCC Directory

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