East Asia Library

Trials for three Chinese studies databases

February 11, 2015

Yale University Library has been offered trials for the following three Chinese studies databases from East View:

1. China Statistical Yearbooks Database 中国经济社会发展统计数据库 (CSYD) is a leading database of statistical data in China, which collects some most important statistical yearbooks published by Mainland China presses, covering various kinds of census and survey data. CSYD serves the functions of full-text browsing and downloading of statistical yearbooks, statistical research, and personalized data mining and analysis. Access is provided through Chinese and English interfaces:

Chinese interface: http://tongji.oversea.cnki.net/chn/navi/NaviDefault.aspx (用户指南:http://tongji.oversea.cnki.net/chn/help/manual/introduce/introduce-1.htm)
English interface: http://tongji.oversea.cnki.net/oversea/engnavi/navidefault.aspx (User Guide:http://tongji.oversea.cnki.net/oversea/CSYD_Userguide.pdf)

2. Chinese Yearbook Full-text Database 中国年鉴全文数据库 http://oversea.cnki.net/Kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CYFD provides detailed, timely, comprehensive and systematic access to authoritative facts, statistics, activities and events of national and regional significance. Researchers can examine a region, industry or population segment from key data indicators of politics, the economy, science, technology, culture and education. In addition to the (J) Economics & Management Yale currently subscribes, three more series, (F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy, (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law, and (H) Education & Social Sciences, are included in this trial.

3. China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database 皮书数据库 http://dlib.eastview.com/browse/udb/1610
Pishu, which literally means "cover-books," are high-value analytical reports intended to guide policymaking in the People's Republic of China. Pishu are published by the prestigious Social Sciences Academic Press, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. These reports feature exclusive research and analysis by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and authors from similar institutions, and present objective analysis versus official government messaging on strategic issues. They may be considered somewhat analogous to the United States Congressional Research Service reports and analysis reports published by the RAND Corporation.