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September 17, 2015

BabelScores is a database of contemporary music created in the past four decades.  A sophisticated search engine allows for searching works by title, performing forces, level of difficulty, techniques required, region of the world, date, and duration.  One can also search by the composer's name, native or present country, and approximate birth date.  The library has subscribed to the scores - so Yale patrons need not pay to see them.  Sound files accompany the scores, as well as purchase or rental information. Composers take note that BabelScores will help promote your self-published works:  

Our policy is to foster a wide-ranging, comprehensive vision of music without a prevailing aesthetics.  Composers who present their work in our site receive a major proportion of the benefits generated by it and they place their pieces with us in a non exclusive manner.  It is absolutely free to become part of BabelScores Catalogue. The copyright of works always remains in composers/editors hands...

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