Irving S. Gilmore Music Library

Gilmore Music Library Renovation (Jun-Dec 2016)

April 21, 2016
The Gilmore Music Library will be undergoing a renovation project commencing June 1, which will continue through mid-December 2016. We will not be closing our doors during the renovation, but instead will be working around the construction and will continue to offer the majority of our regular services. 
The renovation of the library will accompany the building of a new location for the Center for Teaching and Learning. Once complete, the principal entrance for both the Music Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning will be via the York Street side of Sterling Memorial Library. Access will still be available via the nave as well.
The highlights of our renovation will be:  
  • A new circulation desk, including new offices for Kathy Mansi and Karl Schrom and new shelving for the Recordings Collection
  • A new location for self-service photocopying and scanning
  • A new office for Suzanne Lovejoy
  • Two new technology focused seminar rooms on the second floor of the Music Library (the two existing rooms will be re-purposed as offices behind the new circulation desk)
  • A new glass front wall to the Music Library, which will include a new main entrance
  • New exhibition cases and large digital displays in the corridor outside of the Music Library
The following guide has been created to provide more information about the renovation. We plan to update this guide throughout our renovation as questions arise. If you have any questions, please consult the FAQs tab of the guide.