Riley, Charles

Charles Riley ቸርልስ ረኢሊ

Catalog Librarian for African Languages
Monographic Processing Services: Original Cataloging Team
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Librarian for these majors:
  • African Studies

African Studies Association
Africana Librarians Council


"Complexity of the Vai script revisited: a frequency study of the syllabary." (with Andrij Rovenchak, Tombekai Sherman) Studies in Quantitative Linguistics 11: (2011): 117-128.

"Distributions of Complexities in the Vai Script." (with Andrij Rovenchak and Ján Mačutek) Glottometrics 18: (2009).

"Contributions Toward a Dictionary of Vai." Mande Languages and Linguistics: 2nd International Conference, St. Petersburg : (2008).

Skills and Services:

Adobe InDesign, Expert User, Language Identification, Language: French (fluent), Language: Mandinka (fluent), Language: Swahili (basic), Language: Wolof (fluent), Standards Development, Transliteration